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Hi to everyone,  my name is Viktoriia I am 35 years old  I come from Ukraine and I have 4 child. My big son 15 years old he play football my daughter 12 years old and she champion for gymnastic another daughter 6 years old and she try to be singer. When I come to Nederland I was pregnant now I born a son he was born at 36 weeks to early and to small for now he need my attention 😒 I need help. I live in the hotel I get 55 euro in month I cannot eat in hotel because I always on my way take daughter from school and I need go hospital to look son i really dont have time for anything I want you help me to have my own place where I can stay with child and cook for them  home food because in the hotel restaurant they dont eat and little relax in this life. So much stress 😫 


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