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All that training, traveling and other things I need costs a lot of money. My parents pay for all that for me. I don't earn money for tournaments yet because I'm still playing in the juniors so my parents have to work very hard to pay for all this for me. All those training sessions have to be paid for. The travel expenses, from around the country but also internationally. Then we're talking about the flight costs and the registration costs. My rackets have to be paid for, clothes and more. I don't have a sponsor yet so it costs a lot of money. Without money I can't do anything. I want to play internationally as often as possible and train more. But for that we don't have enough money. I want to travel all over europe to play tournaments and go with my coach, but you even have to pay the coach to go with me for an international tournament. And that also costs a ridiculous amount of money. That's why I need help. I'm starting a donation campaign where people can donate. All that money will go into a separate account specifically for tennis. Then I can play more internationally, then the coach can come with me to accompany me to the international tournaments. I can train more often. We can buy new clothes faster, mainly shoes. And we can pay the stringing service more easily. 

So help my team to make this all possible!


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