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Kamil is ugly and we need your help

We aspire to improve the quality of life in the community by removing this Afrobear.

A story many of us can relate to: You're walking outside on a beatiful day, you're in a good mood. You just got some, payday was a few days ago, you won the lawsuit against your baby momma. Amazing. Suddenly, you hear this deep voice and a laugh that sounds like Seth Rogen's more overweight cousin. You turn around and your biggest fears seem to be right in front of you: Kamil. He asks you if he can play you his mixtape, and demands you to like his most recent picture on instagram. Suddenly you feel this brick in your stomach, you get nauseous and want to throw up. We know this is one of the leading problems in the world right next to global warming and feminism, so please help us put an end to this Turkish afrobear.

With this money, we can arrange multiple things such as:
- A one-way flight ticket so we don't have to see him anymore.
- Full body wax
- Euthanasia
- Arm amputation to stop the guitar playing.
- Earbuds for the whole city so we don't have to hear his horrible music.
- Rehab sessions for his biggest addiction: Himself
- Bob Ross: The Joy Of Painting DVD set, because this has the potential to fix everything.

Potential Rewards for donators:
- Meet & Greet
- Dedicated song written especially for them
- "fuck kamil" merch (coming soon)
- AND MORE!!!!

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