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International Teachers for Volcanes

Volcanes Education Project

Hello everyone! We are International Teachers for Volcanes. A charity specifically founded with the purpose of raising money and awareness for the Volcanes Education Project.This is an amazing project, that provides free education and training programs for kids in the Volcanes Community of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
You can help us help this important initiative. By donating money for school supplies, the hardworking people of this organisation can do what we all want to do: educate children and give them a chance of a bright future.We, as international student-teachers of ITEps, aim to do this as well. Through our academic year we will organise various fundraising activities. All the profits will go to the Volcanes Education Project, for example in the form of school supplies.We're also busy making a lesson plan that some of us will teach during the summer of 2018, right there in Puerto Vallarta.

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