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I would aim 1 month with Happy Caravan School

I would aim for 1 months in Happy Caravan School

I will be return to Happy Caravan to continue encouraging the emotional and learning progress I saw in the children when I was last there. I am a trained in theatre, and I use these skills to help creatively inspire children to explore themselves and the world around them. I also have a lot of knowledge (through study and experience) on the emotional process and psychological developments of children who have experienced trauma. Theatre allows children to have fun, let go, gain confidence, act as part of a team; all whilst learning new language and life skills that will help them settle in their new homes, wherever that may be. I use different theatrical elements, and workshops, to stimulate creativity, comfortability, joy and team work, as well as using my general enthusiastic and active energy to teach English and other classes, engaging the children and making every lesson lively and fun! I am and very empathetic and compassionate person, and I still have a lot of love and learning left to offer the children.


I would aim for 1 month.


- my last time spent at Happy Caravan was different to anything I have experienced before. I have never felt so proud of anyone as I did the children, and my fellow volunteers. Together the other teaches and I created a strong structure, balancing learning and fun. We were all very passionate about the childrens development (both emotional and educational) and so worked hard as a unit to constantly encourage and challenge them. This really showed me how much you can help someone if you care enough. I saw such a positive change in so many of the children, watched them grow, learn things about the world, themselves and eachother. When I left it was like I was leaving a new group of children, who were better behaved, happier, and could speak and express themselves much more clearly and confidently. I shared love, laughter, tears with them and watched them truly rediscover themselves. Seeing and being part of this transition is what has made me want to continue this work, for an organisation so commited to the nurture and genuine care of children in these situations. I believe Happy Caravan changed me as a person, and I was able to be part of a beautiful change in the children. There is no exchange more pure or valuable, and I would love nothing more than to be a part of that again. Unfortunately, I come from a very poor background. I had to leave Happy Caravan due to insufficient funds, and continued my humanitarian volunteering elsewhere. I have since learnt even more about myself and teaching, and feel I have more to offer.


Big love

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