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Homeless woman wants to buy house in Bulgaria

homeless woman wants to buy house in Bulgaria

I am homeless in the netherlands. People dont understand i have a few dogs and its very hard to get a place to rent. I cannot live between squaters they never leave u in peace (they are young and i dont fit in there) plus they have all rules which they put on u. then if i found an appartement  i have to work nonestop yes i know like anyone else which i am not capable of my body is not strong enough i get paranoia and hear voices of others in my head, its not an option to ask money from the government they put me in a factory, because i am highly sensitive i cant work in factories. My dogs cannot be left alone all day one is from Romania and is a guarddog... there is no room in the netherlands for us to live in enclosured appartement, the energies of people make me sick i never have privacy.


This house still has furniture and a waterwell in the garden i dont need electricity. just water and a roof over my head. my dogs finally get some grass below their feet. insteas of the stones in the netherlands


The rent is a neverending bodemless pit.... In bulgaria this house is for sale it only costs 2800 euro (ONLY2800! euro thats increadibly cheap)  and  the rooms are still intact. Its not a ruin.....   the costs for the agency who sells the house are about   600 euros and travel to bulgaria for me and 2 dogs about 400 euros. 


I am sick and tired of sitting on the streets or living in miseria and always have to deal with people.... i am a very private person who normally never goes out of a house because i dont like people interfering in my life. My bones and head hurts from living on the streets. I like to be alone and if on streets i never have any privacy.... Normally i am an artist who doesnt like attention but just wants to work at home.


Can u help me please get a house in bulgaria, its the cheapest way. all other options are neverending and very depressing (in netherlands 500 euro per month is only the rent... this house costs only 2800 euro its very cheap and big garden to save some dogs from the street).... and always lots of neighbours noise polution families children in the netherlands....... 





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