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homeless but not hopeless

many children homeless afther earth shift

Tragedy in Freetown.

"Homeless but not Hopeless"

A major tragedy has taken place in August 2017 in Sierra Leone. In 2015, the country was already plagued by ebola. Recently in 2017 a disaster occurred during the monsoon, because on the hills near Freetown a huge landslide occurred.

After the civil war that lasted about 10 years, many people moved from the villages to Freetown. The people there had few resources. As a result, trees have been felled, illegally or otherwise, on the hills around Freetown and have also been built illegally. Because of the tree cover the hills have become very vulnerable.

During the monsoon with heavy rainfall, wind and floods, nature has swept the hills away in the period from June to October 2017. More than 1000 people have died under the flow of mud. The survivors have become homeless and have lost their scarcity of possessions. Many are still roaming the streets.

These homeless people must be helped!

We as Foundation "The help link" want to help the most vulnerable people, children and parents with the project "Homeless but not Hopeless". This is done in collaboration with the local foundation 'Better life for all Sierra Leone', which does a good job in Freetown.

With the help of donations we want to offer small-scale children and parents a future for a better life.

We want to offer these children more than housing, food, clothing, education, but also basic medical support, psychosocial. "Homeless but not Hopeless" want to build a house for them where these vulnerable children together, with the help of older care and guidance. Professionals will need help, partly volunteers and paid professionals to meet the need to take life to a higher level.

There is cooperation with the existing facilities including schools and hospital.

We will work to ensure that these people are as self-sufficient as possible. This way their self-esteem is worked on so that they can function independently in the future.

We want to appeal to you for all of this. With your help, it must be possible to offer these vulnerable people a better future.

For this we ask your support for "Homeless but not Hopeless"

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