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Helping mothers in the Phillipines

Raising money for a company in the Phillipines that sells products developed by mothers

We are four girls traveling to the Philippines on the 8th of September. Via the mom of one of us, we came in contact with two lovely people that helped us find a company we could help with their daily business practices. As Anna and Georgina have graduated with a business degree, Donna is in her masters and Mayumi will start her Masters next year, we wanted to contribute our knowledge learned during our years of practical internships and theoretical knowledge. Therefore, we are going to help out Mga Likha ni Inay and teach them more about social media, e-commerce and especially Facebook. By providing the employees with lessons in several basic marketing tools we hope to increase their knowledge in the long term. Mga Likha ni Inay is a company that sells products made by mothers in several locations in the Philippines, where these mothers use microfinancing. We will be visiting some of these plants where the mothers develop these products. Therefore our mission is to raise money to provide these mothers with high-quality tools to eventually increase the product quality. In that way, we want to contribute to this women empowerment movement. In collaboration with Mga Likha ni Inay we will try to find out which products these mothers need the most and help them with producing these products. Together with our dedication, we would like to fully help these mothers by raising the amount of 2000 Euro, and we need your help!!!
Send this to your friends, family, and neighbors to help us raise money. In exchange, we will keep you posted on our developments during the four weeks!

Thank you so much in advance.

Kind regards,
Anna, Donna, Georgina and Mayumi

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