Help us to deliver the world to you!

Help us to deliver the world to you! | Geld inzamelen

Dear Donators, 

Firstly we would like to thank every one of you for being part of this platform in order to help others.


We are two friends who thought of a very unique business plan and would love to bring it to life. The FIRST company in The Netherlands into LOCAL grocery and lifestyle products delivery business to provide its customers with the widest possible product range. The company's name is OCTOPUS ONLINE STORES and has fulfilled all the requirements to be legally registered in The Netherlands. 

There are groceries, bakeries, party stores, cake & sweet shops, lifestyle, cigarettes, alcohol, accessories & cosmetic stores from The Netherlands, Syria, India, Suriname, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Morrocco, Pakistan, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and many other countries, all under ONE platform. Octopus will therefore be increasing the stores’ revenue by promoting them on our website and attracting for them more Online Customers. The customer would have the freedom to order from any partner store on our website and get the order delivered within minutes, 7 days a week.

According to some recent market research, the total market size in the Netherlands is equal to €124 billion per annum. The size of the relevant retail market that OCTOPUS focuses on is approximately €70 billion per annum from which €7 billion belongs to local and ethnic. 

However, to be more practical, we will give you a glimpse of some facts and figures related to the variety in The Netherlands. As of 1 January 2021, 4305908 citizens are of non-Dutch origin. A majority of these (51,9%) are mix of migrants, expats, students and asylum seekers and are from the following backgrounds: 

1.    Turkish & Kurdish 422030 = 2.415%

2.    Moroccans & Berbers 414186 = 2.37%

3.    Surinamese 358266 = 2.05%

4.    Indonesians & Moluccans 352266 = 2.016%

5.    Germans 345746 = 1.98%

6.    Poles 209278 = 1.2%

7.    Belgians 122197 = 0.7%

8.    Syrians 113126 = 0.65%

9.    British 97614 = 0.56% 

10. Chinese 81735 = 0.47%

11. Iraqis 66216 = 0.38%

12. Italian 61367 = 0.35%

13. Indian 58460 = 0.33%

14. Afghans 51830 = 0.3%

15. French 50207 = 0.29%

16. Others

So, our aim is to help increase the business of the Local Migrant Stores who don’t have their own websites or delivery service and cannot compete against the local and international competition infrastructure. Moreover, it is impossible to live in The Netherlands without witnessing the cultural difference and diversity. So, when customers order via Octopus, they will not just enjoy the variety of products, but will also be able to receive their culturally specific products – from Fufu Flakes (Ghana), Tajine bowls (Morocco), Simit (Turkey), Makdous (Syria) to Tacos (Mexico), Gol Gappe (India) and Rooh Afza (Pakistan).

We have around 20 local stores in Rotterdam who liked our idea and have already SIGNED CONTRACT with us. Now we are at a stage that we cannot stand the thought of turning away our partner stores who needs our services simply because we do not have enough funds to accommodate them. Besides, in order to walk towards our mission, we need a place to work from, we need people to help us, we need to spend on marketing to reach the maximum number of audience possible, and for that we need YOUR HELP. This unique and start-up service requires extra support, of course, and it is with this concern in mind that we are writing to you.


Our vision in the grocery and lifestyle delivery business is to become the first and best delivering agency offering everything under one umbrella and attain the maximum height as a business empire. We see Octopus emerging as a market leader and spreading its tentacles across Europe within 5 years of incorporation. Starting with Rotterdam (the gateway to Europe as it is said) with expansion plans in place. 


Our mission is to build a business empire where our customers will be convinced and completely assured that they get the widest possible product range from local stores selling products from various countries across the world in one app, no matter how much or how little the value of the product is. With a click of a button the customer would get the widest product range that no one else has ever offered. With our unique concept of giving the “World grocery & lifestyle products to the customers fingertips”, we believe and are confident in our unique business model. 


Total funding needed for this successful venture is €90,000. We have already invested more than €10,000 from our savings on building our website / Mobile Applications, designing a catchy uniform, arranging delivery means (E-bikes), ordering takeaway and delivery bags and preparing a finetuned marketing campaign and we need the additional funding of €80,000/- to fulfil our needs to launch the business in Rotterdam at the end of January. This funding will be needed in 2 stages; €40,000 now when we OPEN OUR 1st HUB in Central Rotterdam and €40,000 by 31st March 2022, when we expand our business and OPEN THE 2nd HUB in South Rotterdam.

So, to help us proceed and achieve our goal, then please consider making donation to Octopus Online Stores building fund. And please remember what Bill Gates (Microsoft Founder) once has said: “if you give people tools, and they use their natural ability and their curiosity, they will develop things in ways that will surprise you very much beyond what you might have expected”.

We appreciate your time and support on this important project we have. “A journey of thousand miles begins with a Single step” and we have already taken the 1st step with no possibility of turning back. Now, to reach our destination, WE need YOUR HELP.

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