Geld inzamelen | Help Mustapha zijn verplegerstudie te voltooien

Help Mustapha zijn verplegerstudie te voltooien

Inzameling voor een nieuw trimester. Kosten 543, Te betalen voor 25 juli 2018.

I am Ad van Beek and I know Mustapha for 3 years now. When I met him on Facebook he was studying at the Highschool in Banjul that he finished succesfully.
Because he has no Parents and is very poor, a sponsor did pay for his study at the highschool.

I did have  contact with the university and the did confirm that he is a studying there.

Mustapha is trying to get money to continue his study from.
He allready managed to get sponsored the first and second year but now he has a again a problem funding the new trimster.
I hope that people decide to fund him so that he can finish his education so that he can tribute to build his future and also to the future of Gambia.

Facebook page of Mustapha for more information

"I am Mustapha dampha from the GAMBIA banjul. I am a student looking for help or donations to further my education career in the nursing field. I am extremely determined person no matter what I always try to struggle hard to the limitations for my visions to be attained as student. My main source of inspiration to become a nurse come from innate desire to help people and care for them in time of needs.I am also a young boy who thrives on being challenged and I always have new goal to archived, so nursing suits me as few other careers offer as main diversities and learning opportunities. I am currently facing tutions fee problems I need help to complete my university program.

 To finish the new trimester I need $ 635,- ( €543,-). Above the € 45,- that is shown as collected but was already spent  for the last trimester.

Update: Good news. Mustapha has finished the last trimester again with good results. This shows that he is doing his best to complete the training as well as possible. It's a pity that he now has no money to participate in the next trimester. We therefore hope very hard for people to be mild and to support him. So please consider supporting him. I uploaded the results under photos.

Thank you so much for helping me so that a can help others.

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