Help mij aub om afscheid te kunnen nemen | Geld inzamelen

Help mij aub om afscheid te kunnen nemen

Hulp nodig om afscheid te kunnen nemen van indianenzuster en mentor in Canada

Hi my name is Sonia. I was born in Calgary, but live in Holland now since 1971. I still have family living in Canada and we descend from the Cree Natives. I have a mentor and Native-sister named Darlin where I fortunately have a lot of contact with through Messenger.

Unfortunately I recieved the terrible news that she has terminal cancer, and it is growing rapidly.

Because I have a disability insurance benefit I can’t raise the money for a ticket. Also Darlin is retired and therefore not able to contribute much.

This woman saved my life by helping me to explore my culture. Because of her my life went down a very different path. (I would like to save the details). She has taught me much about traditions and ceremonies. And helped track down some of my relatives .

Our dream and desire was to dig even deeper to discover more about my culture.To join powwow's actively and cermonies and especially explore the family tree and ancestry of my deceased mother in 1993.

Unfortunately, it seems all this might not come true due to her illness. It’s fast growing so this is a cry for help.

My main goal is to personally say goodbye to her, this is our wish.

She will be buried in a traditional native American ceremony, as it should.

This story may seems a "Too bad” story, but I'm Canadian and Native in heart and soul. This woman means as much to me as my mother.

Gratitude is so hard to put into words and I can't explain what this would mean for me if this wish would be fulfilled.

I have asked the Spirits for help.

Now I ask all of you to support me in this incredible heartbreaking but nice experience and desire.

I am already so grateful that this story is being read .... maybe you can imagine how grateful I would be if it also became reality.

In Love
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