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Help Michael te genezen

Michael Badalyan heeft een dringende medische hulp nodig

This little guy, Michael Badalyan, was born on 4th of April in 2014, he was a healthy boy and the next day he was sent to intensive care unit with an oxygen deficiency. From that time he has been in the hospital on and off. He is 2,5 years old and is sick almost from birth.
He still is at the hospital and doctor's do not know how to help him, they do not know the real cause of his illness. Once he was in Israel and they could have helped, but because of the lack of money they had to come back home to Georgia, Tbilisi. He needs money to go to Germany or back to Israel to get to know the diagnosis and later the treatment. Knowing the story and the strength of this child, I am 100% sure that with your help, good people, we can heal this baby! I want to raise money for the family to get that little guy to the doctors who really could help him and give him the normal life he deserves. The Badalyan family couldn't be more grateful when with your help their son Michael will get the best treatment and will get better. Any and all donations - emotional or/and financial - are greatly appreciated. No amount is too little and words of encouragement will help sustain their community of support. Given the challenge of balancing life's ongoing responsibilities while juggling this difficult chapter, we are hopeful this extra help will allow the focus to be directed where it's needed most - on helping Michael heal.

Thank you everyone who support us, thank you for caring!

Today we could collect only 255 euro

We don't give up!!! Please help him!

If you have doubts or any questions, call me - I'll answer on this number: 0485/42.12.44

I' am his aunt, living in Belgium



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