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hello everyone

 My name is Batbayar. I'm 33 years old. I'm living in the Netherlands. 5 years ago my wife is dead because of cancer, My wife was Belgium. later i was working in Mongolia in kindercamp as sport teacher . I have many rewards for good work. But they fired me, because I'm old to work with children. It's really hurts me and pity on me. In Mongolia I have no home and families. When i was working in kindercapm i lived there also. So i came back to my family in Netherland and i'm too old to live with parents, [my mother, step father he is very good man] 2 younger sisters and an younger brother. I'm living Ilegally because my visa is alraedy finished, My step father said visa extention is impossible.Accidentally I broke my heels or two legs. Luckely in the Netherlands have many good doctors. They surged my legs. I now have fake heels for can walk. But payment is of course very high can not pay it. My mother never worked, My step father is retired, Their children still small. And they don't have that money. 

That's why I ask help... Please help me for to pay for this payment, When I got to my feet, I will always do good deeds and help others and thank you all.

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