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Help me smile again

Dentist costs

Hello my name is Irini , thats how i will greet someone but unfortunately there wont come a smile from me . A very friendly person still can’t smile and all down to my bad very bad tooth. Today i was at the dentist and it wasn’t als the other times where i would be almost in tears because of the injection . No today was different the reality was just said to my face that my tooth were a mess a completely mess . Let me put it this way : my teeth are like a building with about 28 floors which none of them are  Inhabitable . So there is no way to repair construct few of them it has to be done one by one . I always had problem with my teeth since i was little and thats also to blame on my phobia i had from the dentist but also a bit genetic ( my mother had a full prostheses before her 30th birthday ) 

Even a routine check up made me so scared.

So now here i am left with lots of patch work from other dentist with apex resuctions and crowns that are even deviating my jaw and TMJ . 

I’m not going even to start about emotional impact it has on me . I can’t smile and every time I see others with nice teeth think I wish I had them as well . 


In Netherlands isn’t even thinkable to do all the work only for 5 tooth the estimate costs will be over €2000 . 


So what’s my plan ?? 


My plan is to go to my birth country Albania and to have it done there the costs are like 70% less and that means all the teeth can be restored . 


Being in a situation where i cannot afford to do this on my own im asking for help here . I really hope I can achieve this dream and one day i can say Hello my name is Irini with a big smile ... 


Ps. Maybe there is a dentist out there who is willing to help me i will be really happy . 

Thank you

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