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Help me Going to Brasil

Help me taking my siblings to our birthplace

I have been born in Brasil with my little brother and older sister. When our living situation became unhealthy for children to live in. We were taken away by the childprotection from our parents. They didnt take care of us but that is not the point right now. When we got adopted we went with our adoption parents to the Netherlands. A great country and not a single day have I lived unhappy. But now I have the urge to see were I have been born and lived in a country that is known for its  football/soccer and its carnaval. But also for it large population o poor people close to Rio. But thats not were I have been born. I was born in Fransisco Beltrão. Thats what it says on my birthnotification card. And thats one of the places I want to go and check out.

However. I cannot go for I don't have the money to make this trip. And just so u know. Its really expensive a trip to brasil. A single ticket is already over the 1000. so a retour ticket is 2000+. Than I also need money to make the trip from Rio to Fransico Beltrõ after all there is no airplane flying near my destination. If I could just get the 9000 from donation that would be great. Than I could go with my siblings to brazil and check were we came from. However. I am sure that I wont make the 9000 so donating a little would already make me a little bit more happier to know that people care about our situation. 

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