Help me Build a School in Africa Malawi

Help me Build a School in Africa Malawi | Geld inzamelen

My name is Precious, From Malawi and I came to the Netherlands to Study. Recently, I just finished my studies and I decided to Stay in the Netherlands for one year before returning home. The reason for staying was to work and raise money to build a school in my country. The goal is to provide affordable and quality secondary school education to the most vulnerable children from poor households.

So far I have saved €10,000 out of €20,000 for the projects. Nevertheless, my stay in the country is coming to an end, I will be returning home in May 2022. This dream will be possible with your giving of whatever amount your can, for in solidary we can accomplish this noble task of tackling poverty through education that empowers these poor kids and their families to face the face with hope. 

I will be more grateful for your generosity in this noble task of serving fellow humanity with a gift of education. 

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