help Gijs to make his dream true

help Gijs to make his dream true | Geld inzamelen

hello my name is Gijs.

my biggest dream is to go to a lan event 

i have been working and working to get money to finaly go ther some day.

when i woke up I saw a announcement that my favorite game fortnite is hosting a lan event WOW so cool. i told my parents but they said if you want to go ther you have got to buy everything on your own. hotel tickets everything. but i can not stay in a hotel on my own so i have got to buy tickets for my father to.

i have been dreaming about this my whole life and now i do not have the money for it. i do not have a lot of friend and people that have the same dream as me. but if i go ther ther will be a lot of people whit the same dream and the same goals ass me. this will mean the world for me if you can help me whit this mission. tnx for reading this I hope you have a wundervoll day.

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