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Help for puerto rico

Puerto rico wil not me able to have power for months so help the people there

With no electricity or running water in their own homes, all 25 employees came to help clean up the bar, La Factoria, which was recently named one of the world's 50 best bars.
Located in Old San Juan, La Factoria is also where the music video for the mega hit song "Despacito" was filmed.But nearly a month after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico's most famous bar is hanging on by a thread. It was closed. I don't know how far we can keep going like this...Our operations are not sustainable under these conditions here," says Cofresi, 35. "Educated people, young people: These are people that, their first reaction has to be, 'Well, I won't have a job.' They're leaving the island right now in droves."

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