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Hello there! So, while you’re here I’ll be quick. My name is Alena Samanez, and I’m the CEO of Khipu. We’re a Peruvian store based in the Netherlands on a constant quest to be more sustainable and generate more opportunities. We are about to reach our first operational year, and during that year we sourced a part of our inventory from the Textile Center Lluvia, which is a traditional weaving center in Chinchero, Cusco. The Textile Center is comprised of 35 weavers from the indigenous communities Huila-Huila and Bombom, whose wish this Christmas was to try to get the children from the Huila-Huila, and surrounding communities a good quality toy that the children can have for all year, as most of the families in the area don’t have the means to do so. On that same note, we also want to do a ‘chocolatada’ for the children’s parents. During a chocolatada hot chocolate is handed out to everybody alongside a piece of panettone (Christmas cake). Khipu will be organizing fundraising events at the store in the Hague, where Peruvian food will be sold, and an auction will be held of objects donated by Khipu and friends. However, as we know many of our contributors live abroad as well, we thought online donations would also be a huge help and a great way to get more people involved. All efforts will be directly carried out by the teams from the Textile Center Lluvia and Khipu, who are working together to collect the funds and organize the event. After the date of the Chocolatada (24-12-2018) we will be posting on our website exactly how the funds were spent. So, if you want to get involved and are going to donate, please try to do so before the 21 of December so we can have enough time to carry out the logistics. If we raise more than enough money, the rest will go to buying water filters for the weavers, whom don’t have access to clean water at home as we do in the Netherlands. SO LET’S MAKE AT LEAST 150 CHILDREN AND THEIR PARENTS VERY HAPPY!!!

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