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Graskinna live streaming protests and crisis areas

Live streaming from crisis areas

Planning to go to the crisis area's outside Europa , making live coverage of protests and crisis situation between militairy conflict.

the money is used for protection wear and the procurement of drone.

also i need for a assistent or personal security to wear protective gear and retrive special documents for visa applications.

i have never asked for money and will never do , but with this equipment i can not handle this al alone, i need a professional camera for my reporting work in the crisis areas inside or outside Europe. I lowered the amount since the drone is not neccassery

my safety is important so i can continue going to areas where the self safety is very important since their might be a chance of not returning again , alive or all in one piece .

i have to be sure that i wear good bulletproof jacktes and helmets, also my assistant .

for some people who have donated me , in the future i am always able to help you with a bill or maybe some finance issues. You can and always habe the right to ask me for help if you are short of money. I will pay you back then the money that you have donated to me. I will do a selection but it is tjust a kind of gift i am doing , i dont want people using there last money to donate me and then later on having problems with paying a bill. Please use this offer


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