Family lost 3 years of holiday saving during trip

Family lost 3 years of holiday saving during trip | Geld inzamelen

This heartbreaking story is about Hasna and her family. Hasna is an amazingly strong and friendly women who's and a most of all: a great friend of us. Hasna is in need of help. 

Hasna and her husband struggled for several years to finally be able to visit their family in Morocco. They've used all their social funding, extra work, savings and personal sacrifices to make this trip. They left with their car on Sunday, only to be robbed of everything they had at a gas station in Spain.. 
During the stop, they parked in front of the gas station shop. Hasna went to change the smallest boy's diapers, while the father said: "I'll go and buy some coffee". At the last moment, the children (oldest is 17) decided to go with their father to buy something with their pocket money. The father locked the car, Hasna returned to the car after a few minutes with her youngest son. She was devastated to see their car torn open and ALL of their belongings taken out:

Bags with personal belongings
Cell phones
Passports, tickets, bankcards .. 
Wallets with cash needed for entire trip
Personal savings for the kids
Unpacked gifts for the kids
The kids knew the value of money and how much their family had to save to be able to earn this trip. In the last year, they had to skip movie theater shows, new cell phones.. so they had enough to be on this trip. The kids were broken, devastated and in shock.. only asking why this had happened to them of all people? Although Hasna's husband really wanted 1x thing: just drive and get home.. but Hasna was committed to try and retrieve something. The police came, but said that this was the 10th time already this week that a similar thing had happened.. but due to cutbacks they didn't have the manpower to visit and patrol every place. The police said that usually the robbers only take money out from the bags and dump the rest somewhere near. With this thought, the children desperately went and searched around the gas station in every trash bin and corner in the hopes of finding something..  Regretfully, nothing was found.. 
Insurance companies are still processing their case, but are not likely to help them. The 2x youngest keep asking: "Why noone would help us??"
In shock, they had no option to drive home. They borrowed 800€ from their family, because luckily her husband still had his bank card. Without passports, they couldn't even book an hotel room to rest. Even if they did, the children didn't dare to get out of car anymore.

They are now at home.. with nothing.. only repeating the images from the robbery. 1 thing is for sure: Hasna's children will for a long long time see effects from this trauma. 

I really want them to resume their trip , and reunite them with their family. They still have the return ticket ferry at the end of the summer. The children don't want to pass through Spain anymore, because they are afraid. The only option for them is to take a 40 hour ferry from France (Sete) which by itself cost around €3000,- Flying with 5 kids is even more expensive.. 

Please help!

Peter Zijlstra

Hasna applied for 5x new passports, they are ready around Friday 15-July.. 

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