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Donate so we can enjoy our Brenda many more years!

We want to keep her with us help us by donating for her special needs.

The terror of our lives shifferd through us when our dearest Brenda got a stroke and got completely parralized at such a young age!

Dear people,
7 months ago we got frightend by the shocking fact that our sweety Brenda wouldn’t make it much longer as conditions from the stroke. She was parallized from head till toe. Coulnd’t move ,eat nor drink. At the moment we still don’t know where the stroke came from but we were told that she will definetly get a stroke at least once again ,wich might be her last one, permanent… Our allarms whent off! Brenda wont never-ever go back to the disabled setting she was living in. She will stay with uss from now on till the end! Bye bye setting! But this was way to easy to say and unfortunateley we under rated it. Many things to arrange but every door gives uss this awful sounding “no sorry..” Like Brenda needs a very special bed wich she owned for 7 yeats or so but they wouldn’t let us take it with us. Several endless sleepless nights and crazy outbursts further.. We get stronger and weaker at the same time. We need our sleep all of us! Especially Brenda! Iff she doesn’t rest well the stroke will strike soon because of weakness she'll be an easy target. We don’t want to think about what might happen than we need to take action now! If there is no help we need to do it ourselfs! People please help us ,we need to help each other to make this world a beautiful place! We NEED this special safe room/bed for Brenda so she can sleep properly again and we can hopefully enjoy a couple more years with her!
This bed is insanely expensive.. €10.000 euro’s.
But if only such a small amount as.. 10.000 people would donate a petite bit of money as €1 this would become €10.000 and we could already buy the bed!!
Or let’s say.. 1000 people donate €10 and we will get €10.000
Or maybee even with €0.10cent donations .. 100.000 people give €0.10 and this will become €10.000 as well!
Easy as it sounds it actually is!
So please people support uss by helping us reach as many people as possible so we easily will reach our goal. And our Brenda can finaly sleep longer than her half our naps at night. And our family can start recovering from the short term and long term sympthoms lack of sleep does to your body and mind.
We hope to reach some gold hearted people with our story so we can say goodbye to these hard times and enjoy the last years together!

Much love and happines from us to you!
Brenda’s Family


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