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Help needed at Lombok!!

Do you want to help?

2 years back I was here for diving.

Since 20 month this resort is closed.

They do not get any support from the government during Corrona.

Indonesia (Bali and Lombok) is still closed for the most tourism and the few country's that are allowed to come have to go first into quarantaine for 4 days on their own cost. Almost 62% is vaccinated now.

When this resort will get tourist again than they can not go diving again with the client's because, the compressor is broken due to not using it for such a long time.

Repair will cost 20 million rupiah.

At this moment people have around 1 million to life for so that is €50 for one month. So this situation it is really very sad. The repair costs are equally like 2 years salary. They never complain or ask for something. It is just my idea. 

So now I will try to help them.

Repair the compressor cost around 20 miljon that is around € 1.250,-

So maybe we can help them?

Especially diver will be helpful I assume to help I hope. But maybe also others who cares for one another.

Maybe we can collect money to help them so they can repair the compressor and earn money again when the tourist come back. 

So if you want. SEND MONEY!! 

Just a little all bits will help!!!

You can do that by Western Union to Ultimate at Fandy Bacox or contact me on private message or on my bank account I will definitly send it to them 

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