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Coffee Cake Company

What if you could fund a coffee shop that has a mission to change a city? Welcome to Coffee Cake &Company where we invite you to journey with us to change a city and beyond!  5% of every Euro spent at Coffee Cake & Company goes back into our city, state, and beyond!  Let's do this together!

CC&C exists to provide the best cup of coffee in the East of Holland.Al and to do good for the community, state, and beyond!
We exist to be a profitable business from year one that is involved in the community with our Do Good Initiative by giving 5% of every sell back to the community while providing the highest quality craft coffee in the East region.
CC&C from it’s very beginning will begin to establish itself as a local brand and impact in the community. CC&C will offer a high-end craft coffee and espresso along with quality tasty pastries. CC&C has to become a go-to spot in Enschede for entertainment such as concerts, art, and ofcourse Company.

CC&C cares about our city. Enschede, Enschede is steeped in history, some of it good and some of it bad. We want to be a part of the new history of Enschede. CC&C wants to give back to the community in financial resources, people resources, and more! Every year it is in our budget to give away 5% of sells back to the community to impact in the areas where Enschede hurts the most. We will ensure that every organization that we give to is utilizing that money for the benefit of those in our community. So let’s build a business and city together by launching CC&C!!!!

Risks and challenges
The first challenge that we have is money. This is the challenge that most people face when starting a business. We plan to overcome this challenge by bringing key investments and partners that will help us to overcome this hurdle.
The second challenge that we will have is developing a loyal customer base. We will overcome this challenge by focusing on 3 key things. The first thing we will focus on is our product. Al that will ensure a high-quality product. CC&C will provide a single origin fair trade coffee that we believe fits our core bussiness.
The second thing we will focus on is our process. We will continually review our bar setup to ensure that we are not only handing out a quality product but also doing it as fast as possible. The third area of focus for us is people. We believe in honoring our customers, investors,and employees by treating them fairly. We will always pay our employees a fair wage and ensure that the farmers that harvest our beans are paid fairly and that our investors are paid. We believe that as we focus on people, product, and process that we will develop a loyal customer base.
We also have an extensive social media plan. We will document daily our journey to open CC&C on our Facebook page by utilizing the Facebook Live feature. We will be handing out cards with our social media information on it in the downtown are to generate the initial following. We believe that people will be excited to see a new coffee shop coming to downtown and will tell their friends and this will generate an organic following.


Coffee Cake & Company is the brainchild of Salvation Army employee Marcel Agterhuis. He plans to open an independent coffee shop in East Netherlands that will train, employ and support dutch homeless,disabled,ex convicts and the mentally ill, reintegrating them back into society.
He also wants to serve really great coffee and treats made and served by the people in need.
‘We know that our impact only comes from making our customers happy,’ Marcel explains, ‘which is why Coffe cake & Company will be serving some of the best coffee Holland got to offer.’

Call it coffee with a conscience.
This coffee shop doesn’t just want to kickstart your morning – it wants to help people down on their luck to kickstart their careers – and lives – again.

The cafe will also operate a ‘pay it forward’ system, where customers can pre-pay for food and drink, placing a message on a post-it note on the ‘wall of fame’ and then someone in need can pick it up and use it to claim a free meal or hot drink.
And, as well as acting as a social hub where volunteers can donate their time and produce to helping Hollands homeless, CC&C will hand out any unsold food after hours.
Marcel says he wants the shop ‘sustainable’ and ‘scale-able’ so more shops can be opened down the line.

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