Clean Cooking stoves for people in the township

Clean Cooking stoves for people in the township | Geld inzamelen
Unsafe and unhealthy cooking in the townships and rural areas

My Name is Stevie Veldkamp, I am an intern at the organization: Clean Cooking Revolution. Clean Cooking Revolution is located in Philippi Village, nearby Cape Town, South-Africa. The organization operates in a township and raises awareness surrounding the dangers and risks of unsafe and unhealthy cooking in these areas. The people living in the Township are now cooking on open fires or on a paraffin cooking stove. This oftenly results in homes catching fire. If one house catches fire, the other houses will easily catch it as well. On a yearly basis there are 45.000 fires in the township. These fires result in the fact that a lot of people lose their home. Basically, the toxic smoke of households cooking with charcoal or paraffin kills about 4,3 million people a year.

Clean Cooking Revolution provides a solution for this huge and toxic problem: A Clean Cooking stove that is safe and healthy. The only problem is that the people living in the township don’t have the funds to buy the Clean Cooking stove. This is the reason why I am looking for your help! If you donate a small amount of money, you can make sure that Clean Cooking Revolution could give stoves for free to the people in the township. This will help solve the problem of the unsafe cooking in these areas.

Thank you in advance!

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