Can you help me making my own money?

Can you help me making my own money? | Geld inzamelen

I am Brenda 35 years old and I live in Woerden. I have a physical disability, and a learning disability. This makes it more difficult for me to get a job, I really want to work but unfortunately it is difficult without a diploma. I used to work in a social workplace, but unfortunately in 2012 I became depressed which caused me to perform poorly and lose my contract. I'm doing well now, but I won't get my job back because of the Participation Act. The social workplace can no longer hire new people because of this law. Now I have come to cryptotab, this is a program that I can download on my PC and smartphone to mine crypto. You can increase the mining speed to mine faster to earn more, this program really works so is legit and not a scam. I always get paid decently, only the problem is that I can invest too little money to get an income from this because I have a disability benefit. I hope to raise enough money this way so that I can use that money to earn a passive income, so that I can live a normal life again and also enjoy a holiday. Once things are going well, I can then use a part of my profit to increase the mining speed. Your help helps me on my way.

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