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At the age of 19 I lost my mother to breast cancer, years later my grandmother and a sister of my mother. I was tested then and I am also a carrier of the BRCA gene. My ovaries were removed about 18 years ago for this. My breasts have been spared until last May. I then had them removed as a preventive measure after there was something visible on the last breast photos. Luckily this was nothing. People then tried to make new breasts from the skin's own tissue. However, 1 breast has failed. For this I have to have a separate prosthesis measured soon. (because of the risks of a breast prosthesis). And that costs money. The bras that are intended for this also cost money and are very expensive. Hence my call. Will you help me?

Everything that exceeds the target amount, I donate part of it to the fight against cancer for research

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