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Bouw mee aan de Toekomst van Afrika

Sinds 2014 zijn we gefocust op een doel, een betaalbare onderwijs voor kinderen in Ghana

We want to beleive that children within underprivileged suburbs of Africa are save and are being take care of by government innitatives and non governmental organisations. But the truth of the matter is that most part of these areas, are unheard of and children are deprived from the access to quality education. We want to change that.

But there’s a problem
Without facilities, competent tuittors, conducive environment and innovative materials, quality education is limited.

Here’s what we’re doing about it:

We set up meduim, conducive facilities to offer education for children within developing communities. We work together with tuittors with diploma digrees to render proper service. Parents are charged with a small fee to feed their children twice daily and to support the payment of salaries. 

Through external funds we provide the right innovative materials,educational materials and the facilitations. By so doing the parents are relieved from the high cost for education and the burden for high payment of fees and materials are lifted. This method also removes the bariers and allow every underprivileged child to have access to quality education. 

This method also reduce the rise of poor education en provides employment for tuittors. Unployment rate for the nation is reduced and education standard rises for the economic advancement of the country.  

You can join us: 

Join us elevate literacy within the communities that are left behind. We are urgently in need of a new building. The students attendance has outnumbered our classrooms. Due to the lack of space some of our students are not able to sit comfortably to follow classes. This even hinder some students from attending. Our new Junior High Students attend classes at the corridors of the school and in the ICT lab is now used as an option when ever students are not using this facility. With this campaign amount (€8000) we are going to creat more a facilities for the students.

And here’s some amazing perks for supporting us that you can’t live without


Via the link below you can view how the school is performing. By supporting us you dont only raise education awareness but also an invitation to visit our projects to experience the change for your self.

Thank you

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