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Last year we went on several trips with the BLUE PARADISE BOAT team. 

They give the quests during the trip a special feeling.

At the end of a trip you leave the boat with the feeling of they became family of you.

This family feeling stayed with us Also after we went home and stayed in touch during social media.

Now they are struggling during the COVID 19.

No tourist for them means Also no money AT ALL.

Because the whole team and especial Alex and mehmmet have a lott of follwers on social media we have a question for all the follwers of them .

WE have started a crowd funding for them.

Any amount what you wanna give is welcome so we can give it to the boys of BLUE PARADISE BOAT .

If you want to inquire after us as persons you can ask Alex.


Please lett we help them during this difficult times without any tourism in Marmaris.

Thanks for you're support.

Richard en Ellen Hartkamp

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