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Hello everyone our names are Jami and Bence. We are married since a year and we live in the Netherlands for over 5 years now, Jami bornt here and I am originally from Hungary. We are looking for some help. We are looking for a place to live and in order for us to get it we have to manage to come up with at least a month deposit and the first month rent. We are without housing for over 3 months now , we work full time but  because of our previous employer we haven't been paid out and now our lawyer financed by the Gementee help us to get our lost salaries, until the court make their decision we need to find a way to get a safe place to live .  I am ( Ben) working for Albert Heijn ( bezorging and Jami is working in a hotel . My wife is half American and half Nederlander, since we arrived back from America we are having financial difficulties and our family not able to help us unfortunately. We are hard workers but because of mistakes of our past we had some debts and because of it Deurwaarders are put loonbijslag on our salaries so we are not allowed to receive more than a 1000 euro per person for a month. It's hard to save up money for accommodation if our salaries are having cut by every time but we keep up the hard work to do what we need to do in order to survive. If you are able to help us anyhow to save us some money to get us a safe place and have s registrated address again it would help us get us on our feet again. Thank you for reading our story and hear us out for a moment. 

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