Backpacking through Europe

Backpacking through Europe | Geld inzamelen

Hello all

We are Cassandra & Yara, recent high school graduates and we participated in a DiscoverEU promotion at the end of last year. This means that we have both won a train ticket with which we can travel through Europe for 30 days. 

This opportunity means a lot to us, because at a young age we get the chance to make a trip through Europe (a dream for many young people like us). 

That is why we would like to take advantage of this special opportunity in the month of June, but are still looking for a number of sponsors to make this trip possible. 

We were wondering if you would like to help us with this!! Every bit helps. Sharing the link and message would be wonderful.

The donated money will mainly be used for overnight stays, sights, other transport options, food & drinks. 

Thank you to everyone who gives us this opportunity! 


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