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An educational trip

Help me raise 2500, for an educational trip that can change my life

Hello everyone, my name is Ashley Aubert and I am studying business administration. My dream since I was a young boy was to be a businessman and have multiple businesses. I had the opportunity to be offered to go on a trip for educational purposes that would change my life but I would have to pay for the trip in a week and a half.

I was caught off guard with no money on my bank account to pay for that trip. This trip would mean the world to me. I have been waiting for a moment like this all my life and now it is finally here. I know that after this trip I will gain more knowledge and experience. I don't want to miss this opportunity at all. I don't want to give up on this opportunity.

The reason why I am asking for help is because I am a student and I have been looking for a job, but they don't give student a full time job, so I am now looking for a part time at the moment. I know the deadline for the money is super short and I would need a miracle to reach that amount, but I am going to be positive until the end of the deadline. I normally don't do this but sometimes you have to put your pride aside and ask, so I am asking you all to help me make this come true. 

This would really really mean the world to me.

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