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hello evryone i am Geanina i am 32 years old an a mother of a young beautiful boy ! 4 years ago before christmas  ..... a simple routine check-up turned my life upside down. i was going to find out that i had a tumor of 7 by 7 cm. i contected several romanian doctors whp tolled me horrified news. i decided  to try to contact a privet clinic in Hungary/Debrechen  wel ther i recieved good news  and i felt save to move forward with what needed to be done a operation with a cost of 15,000 Euro. a series of analyzes followed after which the operation on february 21.2017 was a success  and the recovery as well .. at 2 weeks after the operation came the lab test  which turnd out to be a malignant tumor . i had to contact an onocologist .  which was going to tell me that i would have to follow a chemotherapy treatment which at that time i rufused . a year later visting romania i decided to do again a CT scan to see if it came back  and yes unfortunately they had returned , it had been a shock again for me only this time  i had 3 tumors positioned in my chest what turn my life upside down again  as i was living in the nederlands i decided  to treat  myself in the nederlands  wher i lived for more then  years. i contcted the olvg west hospital in amsterdam wher a session was done of test and test after which they guided me to the Antioni van leeuwenhoek cancer insituut in amsterdam,  there i started with a chemotherapy session of   months which passed well. after 6 monhts we planned a CT scan again with good news that the tumor got a littel bit smaller  so the planned  now a radioactive therapy  that only focus on the area of the tumor  that was a seassion of of 5 weeks followed  5 days a week for radio therapy  to remove the tumors . the first 2 weeks wher a bit oke then it started to get worse an worse  i couldn't swollow  anymore i couldn't wat . as a result i lost 7 kilo in 4 days .. it was 5 hard weeks but i passed well an good .. docter giving me high hopes that the tumor will be  disappeared......  4 monhts later ftom the treatment i had to repeat the PETscan to which another tumors  positioned in the chest  in the mediastinal area followed.  docters did not give me a chance and said that they did evertying possible and that they wher sorry and surgery was not a option and a other exposure to chemo and radio therapy would not have any effectd. chemo therapy  in ehich it had to stop the growth of the tumors , but unfortunalely  it was not so .. i asked for surgery even if the risks wher 50-50% or less .. and the told me they would not take the risk and the  where almost sure that surgery would be me ending dead  i was wher up and demoralized  but i tried as hard as i could te be good and to pray and to stick to wat will happen..  dockters on the Netherlands  have no more options to give me. they say they did everting that was possible for them. and that there are great chances that in 6months a maximum of one year i would die  i was destroyed  and desperate but i did not lose the hope.... i said to try at a clinic in germany maybe thye have someting for me at least to live a few years to see my little boy gow up thinkig aboute my son George who is still a young boy and need me. so a weel [ass after the terible news from the dokter in holland  i decided to look for hope in germany . and yes i found a hospital all kind of email sent tho the clincis followed and a recevied an answer from germany frankfurt  which i was told ther a treatment  that ther would be another chance for me to live and have hope gain to be with my little angel for abit longer. they accepted me in ther program well with a fee of 3.900 EURO for evry session i need ,  that would be 4 sessions for now.  but it a chance and for me it is someting ... i started  july 6 2020  i want to fight  and to live for my self and my child . iknow that god is with me and as always have been. thank u fpr taking ur time to read my story! hoping that anyone who reads this story can help in anyway if it is with money or with a pray at night before u go to sleep .all the love is welcome greetings from Geanina and George 

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