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Admitted into Oxford. An unaffordable dream

Admitted into Oxford. An unaffordable dream

Ever since I started studying History at a Dutch University, I wanted to go to Oxford: the biggest history department in the world. Six months ago I was admitted into Oxford for a PhD in history - how exciting! I applied for a competitive scholarship in order to be able to finance my studies. This process took several months and I was lucky enough to get the scholarship. Now, only 3 weeks before the start of the PhD programme, it turns out that I cannot use this scholarship in Oxford, because of mere technicalities. And rules are rules.

I would be very grateful for every euro you could miss in order to help me go to Oxford! - and I will be thanking you personally for it. And for every bigger donation: just tell me what you want in return - a personal guiding tour through Oxford, a lecture about my research (into collective historical memory on the colonial past in the Netherlands, France and Great Britain), a personal thank you in the book I will write during my PhD, or something completely different!

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