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Will you help us realize IB s dream ?.

Not long ago, we met Ida Bagus Nyoman Putra Yana ( in short “IB”) during our holiday in Bali. IB lives, together with his wife and son, in a simple cottage in Banjar Geria Batuan Sukawati, a small village not far from Denpasar. When we met IB he was at work at the Sankara Resort in Ubud. Every day, from dawn to dusk, he was busy giving the guests from the resort a great experience. We regularly chatted with IB about the everyday life on Bali.

After a couple of days, at the end of the evening, IB came to us to say goodbye, because the next day his holiday would start. After wishing him a pleasant holiday a serious look appeared on his face, and IB told us that it wasn’t a holiday actually, but some days off during which he was going to work for another company, as he had two jobs.

During the conversation that followed IB told us, little by little, his touching story: He had to support not just his own family, but his sister’s family and his mother as well since his father died. Therefore, he simply had to work these two jobs in order to make ends meet.

Then we asked IB if he had a dream, something that he wanted really badly. After some hesitation his surprising answer was: “Sometimes Mr. Hugo, I dream about a small warung (shop), where my wife could sell rice and vegetables. With the money she would earn we would be able to  support our family, who needs this so badly”. At that moment we looked in his eyes and made a decision: We are going to help this man to realize his dream!

Since that day we have kept in touch with IB.  Together we have drafted a plan and have prepared an estimate. IB indicated that he could use a piece of land from his uncle, which reduces the target amount to 30 million Rupiah, approximately 2250 US$. This amount is needed to build a simple warung, to buy some interior shop furnishings, and to buy stock . . .

Has the story of IB touched you? Do you want to aid us in helping IB realize his dream ? Please send us a Facebook message so we can send you a payment request through PayPal. A small gift from you will mean a lot to IB and his family. We will keep an eye on the progress and the expenses. IB will personally keep you up to date regarding the progress of his dream, and welcome you warmly when you are in Bali!

Terimakasih (thank you very much) on behalf of IB and his family! 

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