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A vacation to remember!

Help my parents to the vacation they deserve so badly!

Hey everyone,

I opened up this crowdfund to help my parents out. I will tell you why:

For about five years now, my parents have tried to book vacations to unwind and relax from their jobs. I think they tried at least seven times, but every time they plan a vacation, there's something getting in their way.

Some examples of things that have happend: Strikes on the airport, they're not allowed to take any of their bags on the plane (including their golf clubs; they were going golfing in Spain); Brought the wrong passport to the airport, had a lot of stress and trouble starting their vacation; Car breaks down on the way to Italy; and more.

I just feel very bad that everytime they try to just relax and take some time off of their jobs, there's something getting in the way; like they wouldn't deserve to relax for once.

So, when they booked their tickets to fly to San Francisco this coming October (2017) they were very, very excited. My brother moved to California for his work about eight months ago and they would finally go there and see him again. They even took an extra week off for this (which is pretty difficult, since they're both teachers and are restricted to school vacations).

My mom works at a special college, and teaches basic skills to refugees, kids who don't have it as good as we do, and teen moms. It's a pretty heavy job and takes a lot of energy each day. 

My dad helps kids at a lower school that have trouble learning. He accompanies them through their whole lower school and makes sure they are prepared to continue learning in a normal school, instead of being put in a special school. Also a very intensive job.


A couple of weeks ago, Air Berlin announced that they went broke. My parents have had no idea if their flight would be cancelled or continued, but last night they called the company againa and they were told that they could fly to the States, but not fly back with Air Berlin.

I feel so, so sorry for my parents that they have ANOTHER thing getting in the way of what should've been an amazing vacation. 

They booked another ticket back (even though they're not sure if the flight will be cancelled eventually, but they don't want to stand in Los Angeles and not be able to fly back). I am praying that their first flight will go and will be fine, and hoping they can still have an amazing two weeks in California.


To help them out, I'd love to pay for their flight tickets: 1000€ in the first place (Air Berlin) and now, another €1000 to book an extra flight back with WoWair. 

Too bad I am just a college student and work very hard to pay my school. I can hardly miss some of my own money but am prepared to do EVERYTHING to help my parents relax for 14 days.

If there are 200 people willing to donate 10€, we're good. I would be SO SO thankful if you guys could help me make this happen!


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