513 stray pets are in desperate need of food, medi

513 stray pets are in desperate need of food, medi | Geld inzamelen

It's been four years since we started rescuing stray pets from the streets of China in 2019.from the first 6 to 513 now. We hope to continue to rescue stray pets to the end, but we have encountered problems

Because there is no legal protection, people's abuse of pets is very serious, but we feel very sad to see this phenomenon, so we organize to help these abandoned stray pets.

Currently, we have adopted 513 stray pets. Due to the large number, we are currently under a lot of pressure, including pet rescue, pet medical care, pet sheltering, and daily pet food, all of which cost a lot of money. We have always spent our own money on the process of rescuing stray pets. This is a lot of pressure. So now we need your donations to keep our operation going.

We intend to use these funds for prosthetics, sheltering,medical treatment, hygiene and food improvement for the disabled stray pets. There is also a need to provide long-term security for these disabled stray pets. And more disabled stray pets need to be rescued.We hope that with everyone's help, rescued stray pets can have better treatment, better shelters and healthier food. We also hope to get the recognition of the community so that we can persist in the pet rescue business. Thanks again.

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